Long Point Basin

The Carolinian Region is a Canadian biodiversity hot spot, but also has more species at risk than anywhere else in Ontario. The Long Point Basin Land Trust (LPBLT) focuses its efforts on the Long Point Basin area and works with landowners and local communities to provide a helping hand to wild species and ecosystems in one of Ontario’s most naturally diverse regions.



We are delighted to let you know that due to your successful fundraising campaign, the acquisition of the 26-acre woodland property is a reality! This vital piece of Carolinian forest is now protected forever. 

We will be doing a launch of the new nature reserve in 2017. We hope that you will be able to join us then so we can show off the many exciting species on the property including Sassafras, Black Gum, and Tulip Tree. We have a proposed name, and will make an announcement when it is official. Please stay tuned for more details!

With your support we were able to leverage the funds needed to secure LPBLT’s seventh nature reserve. Thank you! 

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Thanks to our supporters

Conserving nature in the heart of Carolinian Canada