Long Point Basin

The Carolinian Region is a Canadian biodiversity hot spot, but also has more species at risk than anywhere else in Ontario. The Long Point Basin Land Trust (LPBLT) focuses its efforts on the Long Point Basin area and works with landowners and local communities to provide a helping hand to wild species and ecosystems in one of Ontario’s most naturally diverse regions.



Long Point Land Trust is on the cusp of acquiring an ecologically exciting new property in southern Norfolk County. This 26-acre (10.5 hectare) forest is a true gem, with a rich complement of southern Great Lakes species, including Sassafras, Black Gum, Tulip Tree, and Swamp White Oak. Best of all, unlike too many of our remaining forest areas, this forest is almost free of destructive exotic species. It also safeguards the waters of Dedrick’s Creek — one of the watersheds feeding into the Inner Bay of Long Point.

Acquiring this property is, therefore, vital to our goal of conserving biodiversity in our region. And that’s why we urgently need your help. To date, we have raised close to 85% of the purchase price plus costs needed to acquire this property. But we need to quickly raise the remaining 15% — just $13,271 — to ensure this property can continue to be a vital forest link between the St. Williams and Turkey Point blocks of the St. Williams Conservation Reserve and with an adjacent Conservation Authority property.

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